St. Vitus Day 2012: police brutality and violations of human rights of Serbs in Kosovo

Eyewitness testimonies and live footage by journalists John Bosnitch and Kristian Kahrs.

Прочитај на српском

At the celebration of St. Vitus Day, the Serbian national holiday that is traditionally celebrated in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbs had their basic human rights violated.

The police prohibited people from entering Kosovo, and those who did manage to enter were forbidden Serbian cultural markings, including Cyrillic script and Christian symbols.

Banners and flags were confiscated and shirts were stripped away, thus the pilgrims were forced to attend the religious ceremonies half-naked. Women were not spared either: a young woman had her shirt stripped away because it depicted the White Angel.

The police fired live ammunition at unarmed demonstrators, severely wounding three people.

Buses that had passed the police checkpoints, including one with children, were met with stones and Molotov cocktails by the crowd, leaving 16 children injured.