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Often, bills always turn up when you least need them. If the car or a household appliance breaks down, a quick replacement usually has to be arranged. However, if your own budget does not produce the necessary funds for such a repair, a loan is usually the only way to get the small change quickly.


But getting a loan with bad Schufa is usually not that easy. There are still plenty of opportunities to get even with negative Schufa entries still a loan.

Apply for a loan 

Loan Application

Probably the easiest way to get a reasonably good credit rating for a loan is the way through foreign banks. Thanks to the introduction of the euro and the intra-European payment area, it is also possible to apply for and obtain loans from neighboring European countries without any problems. Austria and Switzerland in particular have proved to be particularly popular here, as thanks to the common language, bank contacts are much easier to deal with.

The big advantage of this lies in the non-compliance of the Schufa, so that a loan with bad Schufa is possible. Here, above all, the actual credit rating, or the regular income in the loan approval counts. Applications for such loans can not only be completed quickly but also conveniently thanks to the Internet. Accordingly, many banks already offer the option of having their own credit opportunities evaluated when applying via the bank’s web form.

Fast credit from your own bank


However, a loan with bad Schufa can also be obtained from German banks, if one can offer them something else in return. The speech here is of the so-called securities. These are usually either long-term investments such as life insurance or building savings accounts, or land and real estate. Especially popular with the lending are so-called guarantees.

All these securities have in common that they should protect the bank in the event of insolvency of the borrower and ensure that the bank in any case receives back the funds used. For example, in the case of a guarantee, another person must be included as a guarantor in the credit agreement.

This must have all the necessary factors for a loan, so be hired and not in debt and have no negative entries in the Schufa. If such a guarantor pledges to pay for the loan by means of a guarantee with his own capital, if the actual borrower is unable to do so, then a loan with bad Schufa can also be forgiven and granted without much effort.

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