Међународна иницијатива за праћење антисрбизма

International Initiative for Anti-Serbism Monitoring


Dear Petition Signers,

Thanks to your support, the correction and the apology have been published. This is the first apology of an international media network to the Serbian people in the past twenty years.

The period was marked by Anti-Serb media bias, which included omitting Serbian victims, manufacturing crimes, and even hate speech.

The Spanish precedent made top news in Serbia, and it travelled as far as the Wall Street Journal. The YouTube clip had over 10.000 viewers on the first day alone.

We have proven that, however small, we can change things, as long as we rely on each other, true values and right methods.

With goal of turning this precedent into the general rule, we have founded the IIAM.

Let’s stay together!