Instant loan despite bank rejection


  • Credit from abroad
  • 1,200 euros income necessary
  • Credit without Schufa in Germany
  • Request 100% free
  • special loan without Schufa
  • No Schufaabfrage, no Schufa entry!
  • Monthly net wage 1,150 euros necessary
  • Credit from Switzerland and Liechtenstein

A bank rejection means that a specific financial institution does not accept the loan application in the desired amount. It does not rule out that another bank will approve the loan requested. In the case of an instant loan via domestic credit institutions, the cash payment usually takes place within two bank working days.


If consumers take out an instant loan despite a bank rejection of the first loan application, they will look into the reason for the non-payment of the requested loan by the first requested bank. Although financial institutions are not obliged to justify credit rejections, most of them point out that their income is too low or that they are denied credit as a result of the Schufa information.

The instant loan and the creditable income

The instant loan and the creditable income

Loan seekers with multi-source income have a good chance of receiving an instant loan despite bank rejection. A large part of the financial institutions continue to take into account only the income from the main activity and possibly the child allowance in the budgetary accounts, while more and more employees are dependent on a secondary income. Income generated from outside work is available for both loan repayments and principal income, but many banks do not see it as secured in the long term.

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Credit with instant confirmation without credit rating

In the case of an instant loan application, on the other hand, financial institutions often refrain from submitting income statements and can thus not downwardly adjust the income calculated by the applicant, taking into account all sources of income and specified in the loan agreement. The inclusion of all income in the application for an instant loan despite bank rejection is just as legal as the calculation of the average value with fluctuating wage.

In the case of conventional credit offers, financial institutions in some cases take into account the lowest monthly salary of the past three months. In the case of instant loan applications, of course, any intentional misstatement regarding the income level is not permitted. Such an approach entitles the Sofortkreditbank upon discovery even for the immediate recovery of the entire outstanding amount, this also applies to proper payment of the loan installments.

Bank rejection as a result of a negative statement

Bank rejection as a result of a negative Schufa statement

If the non-approval of the loan application initially submitted is based on a negative Schufa information, consumers are most likely to apply for an instant loan to a Swiss bank despite the bank rejection. This does not request a Schufa request and thus does not learn that its future customer has forfeited a negative entry in the German credit protection. However, it requires a labor income above the attachment exemption limit and limits the Sofortkredithöhe to 3500 to 5000 euros.

Applicants do not have to convert the loan amount into Swiss francs, as the Swiss bank implements the instant loan entirely in euros. Swiss banks interpret the term instant loan differently than domestic banks. Since they always request income documents and check them carefully, they need about a week to pay for instant loans.

If consumers need a higher loan amount or do not fulfill all the requirements for direct Swiss Bank loan, they can apply for a schail-free instant loan, despite bank rejection, through a reputable broker.


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